Participate in a Trial

Why Participate?

A clinical trial is a meticulously controlled medical research study carried out with the participation of human volunteers, aiming to advance specific medical treatments. These trials represent the swiftest and most secure path to discover pharmaceutical treatments that enhance human health and preserve lives.


Clinical trials encompass more than just injections and medications. Volunteer engagement can contribute to advancements in healthcare outcomes through various forms of participation. These trials differ in terms of duration, volunteer eligibility criteria, and financial compensation. Some trials seek participants with specific illnesses or conditions, while others seek individuals in good health.


Once you express your interest in a clinical trial, you will be invited to undergo a comprehensive consent process and receive a complimentary health assessment to ascertain your eligibility. Participants have the autonomy to withdraw from the trial at any time without any queries.


We extend an invitation to you to assist our clinical research team in transforming medical innovations into safe and efficacious treatments that have the potential to transform and preserve lives. Alongside your valuable time, we provide access to our clinic’s recreational facilities, like complimentary Wi-Fi, meals, and entertainment.


*By subscribing, you consent to being contacted by CTI about upcoming trials in your area.

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